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The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

Preserving Nature’s Haven: Supporting the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

At Absolute Community, we deeply value the remarkable sanctuaries that safeguard New Zealand’s unique biodiversity. Among these, the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary stands as a beacon of hope and conservation, playing a pivotal role in preserving our native flora and fauna. Located just 6 km south of Nelson, this 700-hectare mainland “ecological island” sanctuary is a testament to the power of collective efforts in protecting our natural heritage.

The impact of introduced species on our native ecosystems cannot be understated. With around 2,800 native species classified as threatened or endangered, the need to establish sanctuaries with fenced boundaries becomes increasingly urgent. Such initiatives offer a chance to restore our native species and witness their resurgence, contributing to the restoration of our natural landscapes.

Historically, air-borne predators like hawks compelled many native birds to evolve ground nesting habits, seeking refuge beneath foliage to escape danger. Unfortunately, the arrival of non-native species such as rats, mice, and stoats significantly disrupted this delicate balance. These invaders, armed with survival instincts honed over time, thrived at the expense of our native bird populations. Approximately 25 million birds fall victim to introduced predators and pests each year, further emphasizing the urgency of conservation efforts.

In alignment with the New Zealand Government’s ambitious goal of achieving predator-free status by 2050, the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary’s biosecurity plan takes center stage. This plan outlines coordinated responses to incursions and fence breaches, bolstering the confidence of key stakeholders, including the Department of Conservation (DOC). Through community engagement, education, and ongoing messaging, the importance of effective biosecurity is underscored, protecting the investments made in the Sanctuary.

A remarkable feat of ingenuity, the predator-resistant fence that envelopes the sanctuary exemplifies Kiwi innovation. Designed to thwart almost all animal predators (with the exception of mice), this fence provides a refuge for endangered native species. The initial capital investment in the fence has been balanced by significantly lower ongoing costs when compared to less effective pest control strategies. As a result, the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary can facilitate the revival of our endangered native animals, echoing the thriving landscapes of centuries past.

At Absolute Community, we wholeheartedly support the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary’s mission. By collaborating with and advocating for sanctuaries like these, we contribute to a future where nature thrives and flourishes, ensuring that generations to come can witness the beauty of New Zealand’s untouched landscapes.

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The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

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