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Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter

Helicopter House Build


At the heart of the Nelson Marlborough region lies a beacon of hope, resilience, and life-saving service – the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter service. Operational every moment of the day, all year round, this service remains the lifeline for over 200,000 residents and countless visitors who grace our beautiful region.

The vast rural landscapes, coupled with the rugged coastlines, are the very essence of our region, yet these very attributes can pose challenges when emergencies arise. In moments of despair and life-threatening situations, when every second counts, the swift response of the rescue helicopter can be the difference between life and death.

Such indispensable services, while paramount, rely heavily on the goodwill, unity, and financial backing of the community. The service reiterates that while $3,500 might appear a substantial amount for saving a single life, when the community comes together with shared purpose, the collective contribution can make a monumental difference and we’re proud to be strong supporters of this worthy cause.

As an innovative way to raise funding for the trust, Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson led the charge with the initiative of the ‘Helicopter House’. This project, stationed temporarily at the Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson grounds, was a communal effort involving various local entities. Gibbons Naylor, Coman Construction, Scott Construction, Norris Building, among others, came together in unison for this charitable cause. Absolute Energy, as ardent supporters of the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter, were honoured to contribute by donating and installing insulation for the Helicopter House.

Absolute Energy installs insulation into the Helicopter House

The ethos behind the Helicopter House was more than just construction, it was about galvanising the community to “be part of the build”. As a testament to three decades of tireless service and to offset the challenges brought about by COVID-19, this house is a symbol of unity, perseverance, and forward-thinking. The house has now been sold with the proceeds donated to the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Endowment Trust, ensuring its continued operation and legacy for future generations.

Being part of such an initiative was not merely a business endeavour for Absolute Energy, it was an alignment of values, community spirit, and the drive to make a tangible difference. We stand tall, shoulder to shoulder with other local businesses, in unwavering support of the phenomenal work undertaken by the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter. 

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