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Ross Wylde Racing


Ross Wylde Racing

The Rumbling Power of Partnership

At 63, Ross Wylde is a testament to the enduring spirit of motor racing. Born on the West Coast of New Zealand, Wylde’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and a recent resurgence on the race tracks of the Mainland Muscle Car Series. With the support of Absolute Energy, Ross races not just for the thrill but for the camaraderie and spirit of the racing community.

Ross is a coaster through and through, beginning his racing journey at 17 with rallying. At 25, and behind the wheel of a Ford Escort Mexico, he clinched the Upper North Island rally championship in 1985. Life’s priorities shifted as they often do, with a focus on family and property taking precedence. It was only in 2007, upon returning to Westport, that the siren call of racing beckoned once more. A few conversations and Ross found himself in the world of Super Saloon Speedway. Four or five years down the line, he had the title of West Coast Super Saloon champion under his belt.

From Ford to GM

Growing up as a staunch Ford man, Wylde’s allegiance shifted after an introduction to the Holden Commodores. Now a GM enthusiast, Ross is currently racing a Holden Walkinshaw VL Commodore in the Mainland Muscle Car Series. A series that allows both Australian and American cars, as long as they’re manufactured before 1990. These beasts are all about pure, raw power – no turbos, superchargers, or electronic ignitions. The focus is on the traditional natural aspiration or the mechanical injections of yesteryears.

Starting from the bottom ranks, Ross steadily climbed to the B-Class series. His rapid progress culminated in the “driver of the year” title in 2022. Despite the challenges and competition, he’s been performing remarkably, even drawing commendation from the Mainland Muscle Cars who have said.

“Ross Wylde is the guy who embodies the spirit of the Mainland Muscle Cars Club and our motor racing series. He is, in our collective opinion, a wonderful bloke, and a true sportsperson.”

The Partnership with Absolute Energy

Behind every successful racer is a slew of supporters. For Ross, Absolute Energy has been instrumental. A chance meeting with Paul, the Managing Director of Absolute Energy, at a family funeral led to the partnership. The company’s sponsorship has been pivotal, helping with expenses for race meetings across the country. Considering Ross spends nearly $30,000 annually on racing, and with costs continually increasing, this assistance is invaluable.

Future Aspirations

For Ross, it’s not just about winning but enjoying the journey. With an upcoming race in Christchurch, he aims to reach the top of the B-Class this year. The world of racing for him is as much about skill as it is about the car. A believer in the power of technique, Ross has managed to outperform many despite his car being a tad underpowered.

The thrill of watching V8s zoom past at incredible speeds is incomparable. But for Ross, it’s the community that makes racing truly special. The camaraderie within the club is palpable. Older gentlemen, all having carved their niches in various professions, come together with a singular passion for racing. The spirit of helping each other out is a cornerstone of this community.

Ross Wylde’s journey embodies the essence of racing – passion, dedication, and the sheer joy of being on the track. With Absolute Energy by his side, the road ahead promises more revs, races, and remarkable moments.

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