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Nelson Obstacle Park

Nelson Obstacle Park

New Zealand’s only permanent purpose-built Obstacle Course

There are so many great community initiatives in Nelson but today we want to highlight one we love –  the Nelson Obstacle Park. Julia, who plays a pivotal role in the park’s day-to-day operations, shared the inspiring journey of the park, New Zealand’s only permanent purpose-built Obstacle Course. 

Over the past two years, Kevin and Julia have built the Nelson Obstacle Park from the ground up, turning it into a iconic fixture for the local community. Today, the park offers a space where individuals from all walks of life can challenge themselves physically and mentally. It aims to improve fitness levels while ensuring participants have fun. The Nelson Obstacle Park represents a place where individuals can rediscover the joy of being active, overcoming obstacles not just physically but mentally as well.  

Julia, with her extensive background in personal training, talks about the park’s mission to be inclusive, supporting individuals facing various challenges, from physical disabilities to mental health issues. Under Julia and Kevin’s guidance, the park has succeeded in realising this vision, becoming a place that blends physical activity and teamwork together to empower individuals and foster personal growth. 

Recently, Absolute Energy was able to supply the Nelson Obstacle Park with a brand new, high-quality strapping material, crucial for the park’s obstacles. This material replaced the less durable hazard tape previously used, marking a significant improvement in safety and functionality. Julia expressed her gratitude for Absolute Energy’s support, “The straps we received from Absolute Energy have been a game-changer for us. Not only do they hold up much better than what we were using, but they also show the community’s support for what we’re doing here. It’s partnerships like these that help us keep the park running and accessible to everyone.” 

The Nelson Obstacle Park, has received remarkable success over the last couple of years, and one of the highlights has been the opportunity to send a team to compete in the upcoming Olympics. The team will compete in the modern pentathlon, which comprises five different disciplines including swimming, fencing, horse riding (show jumping), pistol shooting and running. We’re so pleased to be able to support our local athletes and trainers in showcasing their talent on the global stage. This opportunity reflects the success of the park’s programs and the positive impact in the local community. 

If you haven’t been there yet I highly recommend it!

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