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Futurepost Posts as part of a New Zealand Farm Fence

Turning Plastic Waste into Sustainable Solutions with Future Post

At Absolute Energy, we are passionate about sustainability and committed to finding innovative ways to make a positive impact on the environment. In our ongoing pursuit of eco-friendly practices, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Future Post, a remarkable New Zealand-based company dedicated to tackling the plastic waste crisis and creating sustainable solutions. Through this collaboration, we are taking significant steps to reduce plastic waste and support a more environmentally responsible future.

The Birth of Future Post

Future Post’s journey began in a classic Kiwi fashion, with a problem that needed a creative solution. Jerome Wenzlick, a fencer and farmer, faced a challenging situation while trying to install a fence on an old rubbish dump site. Driven by a passion for the environment, Jerome envisioned a stronger and more sustainable solution – fenceposts made from waste plastic.

This vision led to the founding of Future Post, with a deep commitment to producing premium products that outperform traditional alternatives while addressing pressing environmental concerns.

New Zealand faces a pressing issue with plastic waste, with an estimated 380,000 tonnes of plastic being discarded annually. This country’s per capita plastic waste generation ranks poorly compared to other Western nations.

A significant concern is the disposal of flexible plastic packaging, including films, bags, and pouches. While these plastics play a crucial role in ensuring food safety and human health, their lightweight nature makes them prone to dispersal throughout the environment, contributing to visual pollution and posing threats to marine and bird life.

Before the emergence of Future Post, recycling or repurposing options for these challenging plastics were practically non-existent in New Zealand. The material’s lightweight, multi-coloured, and often contaminated nature, including paper labels and organic residues, made recycling a daunting task. Moreover, there was no substantial market for recycled plastic products using these materials.

Future Post’s Remarkable Impact

Despite its relatively short existence, Future Post has already achieved remarkable success in addressing New Zealand’s plastic waste problem. In the year leading up to March 2023, the company diverted over 1,800 tonnes of waste plastics, including more than 550 tonnes of soft plastics collected nationwide through the Packaging Forum’s Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme (SPRS). Without Future Post, this soft plastic waste would have ended up in landfills or scattered throughout the environment.

Each Future Post contains over 19 kilograms of plastic waste, equivalent to approximately 250 milk bottles and 1,100 plastic bread bags. Considering that the domestic market for wooden posts exceeds 200,000 tonnes annually, Future Post has the potential to make a substantial impact on New Zealand’s plastic waste problem.

These posts provide an environmentally sound and sustainable solution for years to come. By repurposing waste plastic into durable fencing posts, Future Post contributes to a circular economy, reduces plastic waste, and offers a greener alternative for various industries.

How Absolute Energy is Contributing to the Cause

Absolute Energy has joined hands with Future Post to support this initiative. We are taking all the excess plastic packaging used in our insulation products and delivering it to the local Future Post plant in Blenheim. There, this plastic waste is recycled and transformed into durable fencing posts. This partnership exemplifies our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our determination to make a meaningful impact on the environment.

We are excited about this collaboration and the positive changes it brings to our operations and the environment. By working together with Future Post, we are taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. If you’re interested in knowing more about this partnership contact the team at Absolute Energy.

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